Carpet Chiswick



At Carpet n Wood, we have a wide range of carpets to suit your fashion statement. Our trained team members will guide you through the world of carpet and flooring at Carpet N Wood.

We thrive to achieve customer satisfaction with our professionalism and dexterity. Therefore, we have plethora of customers in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Ealing, Notting Hill and West London.

Our prices are reviewed daily and we can beat or match any price tag. Below we have enlisted some range of carpets which we stock. Just in case, if you could not locate what you are looking for, please let us know, we will be more than happy to help you.

Deep pile luxurious Saxony

Saxony Carpets are typically woven very densely and have a very soft plush feel. The softness of Saxony carpets makes it a popular choice for homes and the elegant look of the carpet can lend a luxurious feel to any room. For richness, comfort and style choose one of the 100s of our Saxony range.

Loop Carpet or Berber

Loop carpet is made from uncut loops of yarn which can be flat or textured. They generally have a rugged appearance, similar to natural flooring like sisal. It looks particularly good in hallways or on stairs. This type of carpet is great for busy rooms as the weave bounces back really easily and is extremely popular for offices and large busy areas.

Wiltons and Axminsters

Patterned carpets are hard wearing and traditionally woven. They are good at retaining their appearance and usually have a smooth velvety finish. They come in many designs and colors, some with flower design and some with stripes or diamonds. Patterned carpets are great for areas that can get marked, like kids room or pubs and restaurants. They hide the odd stains more easily than plain carpets.


We offer a very large selection of quality natural and pure wool floor coverings, in today's market. We are constantly adding eye catching and creative new designs to our range of Sisal, Jute, Coir, Grass and 100% wool, to make a statement or to add character to your place.

Coir carpet is full of natural character, made from the strong fibers of the coconut husk found in Kerala, India. Coir is highly durable and excellent value for money. The fibers are removed by hand, softened in the sea water before being woven into a variety of carpet designs.

Velvet Carpet

With softer spun for richness, comfort and style, our Westend Velvet range offers the ultimate deluxe carpet for your home. Made from 80% premium wool and 20% nylon blend, in a 2-fold yarn for exceptional durability and resilience.

Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments.

Large selection of colors and designs available for you to choose from.